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The prices depend upon



Languages involved

Type of document (Word or PDF)

Level of complexity

Level of urgency


Face to Face Interpreting

Day and time of the assignment

Travel time

Travel expenses

Accommodation expenses if required


Telephone interpreting

Day and time of the call

National or international call


Language lessons

Day and time of the lesson

Travel expenses


Minimum charges


Translation - £20.00

Face to Face interpreting - One hour

Telephone Interpreting - Half an Hour

Language lesson - Half an Hour


How to pay:

Within UK I ask for payment via Pay Pal or bank transfer, which normally incurs no charges to either party


Within or outside Europe small orders may be paid via Pay Pal, or larger orders via bank transfer


Please note: any money transfer fees incurred will be chargeable


Terms of Business Agreement must be signed before projects commence


Confidentiality Agreements included for your peace of mind


Payment required in advance unless otherwise stated


Cancellation Fees apply